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Nobody wants to sound like a robot.

Meet Axonn, the first personalized AI writing partner.

Get content suggestions tailored to your unique ideas and style.

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Your AI assistant draws from 1000s of top-performing hooks and templates to create the best content.

Picking out your favourite content is a lot easier than fighting writer's block.
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Analyze and double down on your best ideas
No need to start from scratch. Turn past work into new content.
Schedule instantly on multiple platforms
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  • 5000 hooks per month
  • 5000 content suggestions per month
  • Schedule 14 days in advance
  • Schedule 50 posts per month
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  • Unlimited hooks
  • Unlimited content suggestions
  • Unlimited scheduling
  • Priority customer support

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  • Unlimited hooks
  • Unlimited content suggestions
  • Unlimited scheduling
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Axonn work?

Axonn is an all-in-one AI content generation tool and social media management tool. We help you build your personal brand by giving powerful and tailored automated content suggestions. All content suggestions are highly personalized to your unique content ideas and style. This means Axonn is suitable to build an authentic personal brand. Simply connect your socials and we will analyze what posts did well, what topics you write about and what style you have. We use this context to give you high quality content that you can schedule in the click of a button.

Why would I use AI for creating content?

Using AI for personal branding the right way means that you can cut the time you spend on content by up to 90%, post more often and post higher quality content. Axonn helps you build a larger audience quicker. By striking a balance between human input and AI efficiency, we help our users achieve increased organic Twitter growth and LinkedIn growth.

Is there a risk of being banned from social platforms?

Axonn is compliant with all terms of use for any of the social media platforms that we support. There is therefore no risk of ban.

Do you have a free trial?

Yes! You can try out Axonn completely for free for 7 days. During this week, you will get access to all features the app has to offer.

Will my audience stop following me if I use AI?

It's quite the opposite! At Axonn we've built our AI to enhance your content. We've provided our AI with the best hooks and most powerful content templates. This means you will get an essentially unlimited feed of high-quality content suggestions. The quality of content that our users are posting has only increased since they started using Axonn. The reason for this is simple: Axonn's laser focus on personalization means that we have moved past generic AI and towards creating content that uniquely fits you.

What platforms does Axonn support?

At the moment we support content creation for Twitter / X and LinkedIn, with more platforms being supported in the near future.

Can I schedule content on Axonn?

Yes! Axonn has all the features of a social media management tool on top of our AI capabilities. This means Axonn is an all-in-one content creation software.

Is my data safe on Axonn?

Your data will not be used for anything other than creating personalized content. For more information you can refer to our privacy policy.