Best AI Tools To Automate Content Creation

Content automation tools are getting more and more powerful. But which tool is the best when it comes to automating content creation?

Best AI Tools To Automate Content Creation 

Content automation tools are on the rise in the marketing industry. Many entrepreneurs today have started adding these AI tools to their content workflows.

There’s a ton of tools out there and it can be confusing to know which one fits your needs best.

So in this post, we’ll review 5 of the top AI content creation software tools.

What is automated content generation?

Automated content generation involves using an AI tool to write (parts) of your content for you.

An example of this would be to use a tool to write tweets for you instead of spending hours brainstorming and editing them yourself.

AI tools are so helpful because they enable you to focus on refining content, rather than creating it. It becomes a process of simply selecting the best content that the AI generated.

The Best AI Content Creation Software

After trying out some of the AI tools that are out there, here is our top list:

1. Axonn: The Top AI Content Creation Tool For X (Twitter) and LinkedIn

Axonn is an AI content creation software for creating high-quality social media content, such as tweets and LinkedIn posts. We built Axonn to help users quickly turn their content ideas into social media posts that perform.

Axonn has several AI features, from ideation to creation and personalization. The tool is unique in its human-centric approach: involving the user in every step of the content creation process to make sure the content stays authentic.

Content Ideation

The first AI feature that Axonn has to speed up the content creation workflow is content ideation. Within Axonn, there are four sources of content ideas:

  1. Simply adding your idea manually
  2. Uploading a file that Axonn analyzes for potent content ideas. Axonn supports the .pdf, .txt and .docx file formats.
  3. Pasting text that Axonn analyzes for content ideas
  4. Connecting your socials to analyze your past content

Uploading files or text is a great way to quickly turn old blog posts, transcripts or lead magnets into new content. 

But the most powerful feature here is the ability to use your past content.

Most content creators have a backlog of posted content that is simply collecting dust. At Axonn we help you find the gems among that content and give it new life. By finding your best performing content ideas from your past work, we can create even more growth for your social media going forward.

Content Creation

The second AI feature is creating the content. Once we have added some of our content ideas to our ideas list, we can start seeing the content suggestions.

This is where Axonn really shines. Not only is the quality of the content as good as it gets, Axonn also gives content suggestions from 9+ different frames.

This means you can use a single content idea many times over. And this leads to a ton of hours saved.

If needed, you can edit the content to your liking and then schedule it instantly with one click. You can even schedule the same piece of content for multiple platforms at the same time.

In the background, Axonn makes sure that you are not repeating yourself too often: if you are reusing content ideas, we make sure that there is a delay between each of your posts for that content idea.

There’s a right way to create content with AI, and Axonn has nailed it.

Content Personalization

The unique thing about Axonn is how personalized it is.

Axonn constantly learns from you and your preferences. By analyzing your past work it starts to recognize your preferred style and topics. There is also the possibility to incorporate your backstory, to personalize the content even further.

Nobody wants to sound like a robot, and that’s why we love this feature. It strikes the balance between that what makes content so great: your unique story and insights, and the efficiency that AI gives us.

Social Media Management

Axonn also features powerful social media management tools.

You can easily schedule tweets and LinkedIn posts that are automatically posted for you at your chosen timeslots. You can set the time slots yourself and post as many times per day as you wish (on the Unlimited plan).

All in all, Axonn is a powerful end-to-end content creation software tool that fits the needs of many businesses. There are several plans available, with the most popular plan being the Growth plan at 17$/month.

2. ChatGPT

Technically not built as a social media content creation tool, ChatGPT is probably the most popular one. It therefore deserves a spot here.

ChatGPT does only one thing and it does it extremely well: chatting.

But using ChatGPT to create powerful content is challenging. It requires some great prompting skills.

Simply asking ChatGPT to write you some tweets will likely not give you the results you want.

Here’s a prompt we’ve found that has helped us generate some higher quality tweets. Feel free to steal it (make sure to fill in your topic at the end of the prompt!):

As an AI, your task is to produce succint, engaging tweets.

I will give you a topic, a template and some background information
Use the given topic as your foundation, extracting essential information to create your tweet. Ensure to include the original concept. Keep the character count under 280, the standard Twitter limit. Remember, the aim is to deliver a short yet impactful message that can motivate, inspire, or inform readers. (280 characters or less);

Optional: Use only the background information to construct the tweet, don't make anything up yourself.

Don't use hashtags or emojis. Make sure to stick to the template given to you.

It is important that you follow the template exactly. You will be graded on your ability to follow the template. You will now be given a list of templates for the tweets separated by $$. Make sure to use each template and fill in all the [placeholders] with your own words:

"The mistakes 99% of people make when they start {topic}:

{bad habit #1}

{bad habit #2}

{bad habit #3}

Avoid as many of these as possible."$$

Some insights on {Topic}:

{Insight #1}

{Insight #2}

{Insight #3}

Do {Topic} long enough, and you’ll learn these to be true."$$

"My favorite {Topic} framework:

{Step #1}

{Step #2}

{Step #3}

{Step #4}

{Step #5}

Works every time."$$

"Quick hack to {Topic Outcome}:

{Quick Hack}

{Reason Why}

Works every time."$$

"What I thought I needed for {topic}:

• {thing 1}
• {thing 2}
• {thing 3}

What I really needed:

• {thing a}
• {thing b}
• {thing c}"$$

"Here is a hard truth about [topic]."$$

"For anyone who needs to be reminded:"$$

"Sometimes conventional wisdom is wrong:"$$

"I'll be honest:"$$

Sometimes I forget {action X}. {leading to result Y}. The answer is always to do {action Z}.$$

Common mistakes to avoid:
- Introducing the tweets for example "Here are 12 tweets for the topic" Do not do this. Leave the introduction out.
- Only returning a hook but not the actual tweet.
- Not following the template exactly.
- Changing the topic of the tweet.
- Not using a hook given to you.
- Using hashtags or emojis.
- Not filling in the placeholders or keeping words from the template. Leaving placeholders like "{observation}" in the tweet
- Do not put the hook (first sentence) twice in the post. No double hooks.

Topic of the tweet: making a new marketing campaign

[optional] Background information:

Make sure you follow the template exactly. All you need to do is use the hook you were given, and fill in the template with the topic and information you were given.

Now generate 10 different tweets for the topic that follow the template and guidelines exactly.

Are you getting some good content suggestions? Feel free to tweak the prompt to get even better results!

The best part about ChatGPT? You can use it for free.

3. Tweet Hunter

Next on the list is Tweet Hunter. This tool had some early traction as it was the first to implement AI tweet suggestions.

Adding a powerful set of features such as auto-plugs and auto-retweets, Tweet Hunter has become one of the go-to social media management tools.

When trying out the Tweet Hunter AI you will notice that while there are some good suggestions in there, most of their tweets are quite generic. Tweet Hunter does not support personalization of your AI content at this stage.

Being the most expensive tool on this list at 49$/month, Tweet Hunter is not our preferred AI tool for creating content.

4. Typeshare

Lastly, let’s take a look at Typeshare. This tool was built by Dickie Bush as the tool he wished existed for digital writers.

Typeshare is heavily focused around the needs of digital writers. It is not so much a social media management tool as it is a digital writing tool.

They do have an AI feature for content ideas. While you may come across a good idea or two, we’ve also found these to be quite generic. AI is not the primary strength of Typeshare.

The feature that we love the most about Typeshare is their library of templates. In this way, Typeshare helps you transform your ideas into great content quickly.

Axonn is the only other tool with the same feature. We actually take it a step further too: our AI already fills in the templates for you

What tool should you use to automate your social media content?

We have all these options available, but which one is best? Ultimately, we believe that Axonn is the best AI social media content tool on the market at the moment.

With the best AI, convenient scheduling and a heavy focus on personalization, there is nothing else like it at the moment.

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