How to grow on Twitter with automated AI posts

It's now possible to outsource some of your content creation work to AI. This opens up a ton of possibilities for busy entrepreneurs. Here's what you need to know:

There’s one reason why most entrepreneurs haven’t built their personal brand: time commitment. Almost everyone believes that it is very time consuming to build an online following. Only few know that AI has dramatically cut this time short.

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In this blog post, we'll explain how you can use AI for automated Twitter growth. And before you ask, the question I most commonly get around this topic is “Will the AI automated posts still reflect my brand”? The answer to this is a resounding yes. Let’s dive in.

Creating AI Automated Posts

Creating social media content has become a lot simpler with AI. At Axonn, we’ve developed a workflow that enables us to come up with virtually unlimited pieces of high quality content. Our app is entirely built on this workflow and is the best way to grow twitter followers.

There are 4 steps:

  1. Listing our content ideas
  2. Collecting powerful hooks and templates
  3. Using AI to combine our content ideas with winning social media templates
  4. Selecting winners

With this simple 4-step plan, we’ve been able to cut down the time it takes to create our Twitter content by over 90%, while doing more volume and getting better results.

Finding Viral Content Ideas

The best content is content that only you can make. That’s why the best source of content ideas is your past.

A great way to come up with content ideas is to look back on the past 2 years:

  • What challenges have you overcome?
  • What lessons have you learned?
  • What have you achieved? How did you do it?
  • What mistakes did you make?
  • What is the best decision you made?

Any of these can be a great topic for content. You are essentially writing for your younger self. And the reason why this is so powerful is that there are hundreds of thousands of people around the world facing the exact problems that you’ve solved.

Show them how you solved your problems and you will attract a loyal and like-minded audience.

Collecting Viral Hooks and Templates

Now that we have our topics it’s essential that we present them in a powerful way. The best way to do this is to simply take what is already working.

By taking the hooks and templates that top content creators use, we can shortcut our path to success. For example, we can take this tweet:

And tweak it to fit our topic. Let’s say we want to write a tweet about automating your content with AI:

“Quick hack to accelerate your organic twitter growth:

Implement AI Automated Posts into your content creation workflow

• Gives you endless pieces of content

• Forces you to view things from another perspective

• Makes content faster and staying consistent becomes more achievable

Using AI is the ultimate hack for growing your twitter following”

Now scale this up with thousands of hooks and thousands of templates. You can start to see that we’re going to get a lot of high-quality content. We’ve already collected a vast library of hooks and templates that you can work with instantly.

Use AI to fill the templates

Now things get even better when we use AI to fill in our templates. By carefully prompting AI we can make it generate hundreds of tweets for any of our topics, all using the high-quality hooks and templates. 

This means we can get an endless feed of powerful content suggestions. This step in the workflow is where it really clicked for people who’ve tried our app. 

Once you see how much automated and high quality content you can get by following this workflow, there really is no way back.

Picking Winners

Now this is the most fun step. We actually don’t want to post all of our 100s of content suggestions, as that would just spam the feeds of our followers. In reality, we want to pick only some of the tweets for each content idea.

Naturally, we will pick the best ones. This step is really about following your personal preference. Which tweets reflect your brand best? Which tweets do you want to use?

We also recommend doing light editing and tweaking if needed, to make the tweets resonate even better with you and your audience. When you find posts you like, you can schedule them in just a click.

Growing Your Twitter Followers with AI

Automated twitter posts are the best way to gain followers on Twitter. By using AI in a smart way you can get organic twitter growth while you are still in charge of the content, you are still the creator. 

Once you’ve set up your AI content workflow, it becomes easy to scale up the frequency of your posts which means you can grow your Twitter following much quicker.

Now let’s put it into practice. You can try out this entire workflow for free in our app!

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